Backface culling, and preventing 'invisible' faces

Ok, so most people here know what backface culling is, and to those that dont, here is a brief description:

When drawing models, each polygon has to be drawn twice, one fore each ‘side’. However, in most models, you can only ever see one side, so backface culling is where it only draws one side (half the draw-speed). However, it doesn’t know which side is the one to draw… which is where you can get faces that seem invisble.

I noticed you see these in UV mode, but mainly when I export them to use with my 3D engine. Obviously, it is too much speed being wasted to just leave it, so I was wondering how I could do anything about it in Blender. Once I know the face that needs changing, is it possible to change the side that is culled using blender?


Ctrl-F sorts faces in Z direction in Object mode. Not sure though if it’ll solve anything. I take it you’re sure there are no doubles and no duplicate objects.