backface selection

is there a way to disable backface selection?
when i do interior modelling or retopoing a mesh i like to turn on backface culling, but is there a way to disable the ability to select a backface? it causes a lot of trouble for me :confused:

I haven’t found an option similar to Max’s ignore backfacing select, but there are some things I like to do which make it harder to make bad selections, at least for retopo work (no idea for other tasks):

• Turn on Limit Selection to Visible
• Turn on Hidden Wire
• Turn on X-Ray for the mesh you’re working on
• Don’t work in Wireframe Shading, unless you need to

Maybe someone else has something concrete. In the past I’ve written scripts which select/deselect faces based on the face normal value, so it’s definitely possible. I’m just unaware of this feature’s existence.

i never use limit selection to visible, i hate it :slight_smile: if i wanna select something in the back i toggle between wireframe.
the problem is that all the wires in the back are irrelevant and confusing, too bad blender cant do something as simple as hide and make them unselectable -.- i expected such.