Backfaces selection 2.82?

in x ray and wireframe in 2.82
where do you I set or clear the backface selection ?

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Alt-Z turns on X-Ray Mode, that let’s you back face select.

Also, hit the arrow beside the viewport shader buttons on the top-right of the view-port to find the slider to adjust how transparent the faces are in x-ray mode. Unfortunately, this doesn’t carry to the wire frame.

I honestly think that backface selection should be default, and backface selection culling should then reqire toggling and shortcut modifiers to access. I want to back face select more than I don’t, and I find it very annoying after having this option in Modo. I might make a suggestion on right-click if people like this idea.

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I change the X ray transp and seems to select backfaces now

at least now it works

any parameter in user preferences for that ?

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I’m sorry I missed your reply for so long.

In the view-port there’s a downward arrow button on the far right hand side of the render mode buttons.

In that drop-down under ‘options’ is a settings to adjust the transparency of x-ray mode. I use this when doing a lot of work involving backface selection where I want to still view the scene properly.

Blender team might want to consider an alternate design for this functionality.

is there another way to come back from the Alt-Z to turn off X ray ?

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