backgroud gradient

hi, i just had an idea about how cool it were if blender had a gradient background like some cad software, blender would look a lot more sexy :eyebrowlift: , although it is nothing really useful

Frankly I don’t find anything interesting in gradient background. One solid colour doesn’t bother me at all.

There was a patch adding this in the last two years… not sure what happened to it though.

I would actually really like a gradient background. Yes, its not helpful but it does look “sexy”

I agree.
I also wish you could see world image textures in the viewport

Hey, I might take another look at that if I have a chance. It was a pretty simple thing if I remember that.

I’ve been working at home now for the past year (programming) so don’t spend as much time after hours doing non-work stuff. It is just so nice to get out of the office at the end of the day…

wow thanks, I played around with the build and it looks great