Background Blur using DOF

I’m using the defocus node to do some DOF in my scene and I want the background to be blurred. Right now, all I can see to do is get the foreground to blur and the rest sharp. What should I do do change it?

Maybe use a curves node to invert your Z pass? Well, on second though I’m actually not sure if you can do that… anybody?

Where are you setting the DoFdist mark? It marks the point of sharpest focus for your image.

You may be better off using separate DoF nodes for fore, middle and background.


Is your background real geometry that is being rendered, or is it a BackBuf image? I’m not sure if a BackBuf image would be affected by the DoF node. The solution to that would be to blur the image before using it.

DoF only affects geometry via depth buffers which is why it’s great for animation but isn’t so hot for stills ( lots o’ jaggies ).