Background color is messing me up

Hey guys,
I"m currently using the cycles render engine and I’m attempting to make a hologram with a transparent background to work more on it in photoshop. I made it a transparent blue and when it renders (the lighting should be fine) its a transparent gray color. Also, everything in my scene is influenced by the background color.

Is there a way to make blender to ignore that?? and does anyone know how to make an HDR background?
Thanks in advance :smiley:

If you don’t want the background to affect the lighting in your scene, just set the background color to only be visible to the camera rays (with the color otherwise being black). This can be done by using a lightpath node in the shader setup.

You also might need to factor in another ray type if you want the background to show in reflections and through refracting surfaces, but it can be done (at the cost that any lighting that would otherwise come from it would be missing).