Background Colors

I was just wondering is it possible to create and render something with a transparent background so when opening in PSP I wouldn’t have to erase any background?

Of course, Blender can do that. It’s easy.

No need to do anything special for the background for both render engine. Leave it as it is by default. Just set it to transparent in the Render tab.

Just don’t forget to save in 32 bits (RGBA). Setting it in the Render tab isn’t necessary but, this way, Blender will set it so in the file manager and you won’t forget to do it manually before to save. :wink:

A little reminder: PNG, TIFF, TARGA are the only formats which support an alpha channel. (Not sure about EXR… but I’m sure JPEG doesn’t.)

OMG LOL that was so simple. Can’t thank you enough :smiley: Sure is going to make my life a lot easier. Also, thanks for such a fast reply