Background constraint...

Does Blender have something like this:

This is a feature from Modo (background constraint), really really useful.


Shrinkwrap modifier
Project snapping

looks to me like retopo or knife project

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I tried your suggestions, some of them work, but in a very different manner…
I failed to replicate exactly the workflow showed in the gif I posted.
The shrink wrap seems like an one time operation, I’m not able to move my stuff like in the pic…
Using the snap is even worse… when I move several points/polygons, they snap like one piece, the points don’t stay on surface like in the gif…

Maybe I’m doing something wrong, I’m a blender newbie afterall… :slight_smile:

Anyway, thank you for the answers…


skrinkwrap has different mode
and there is also an offset

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Same thing, Blender workflow…

With the appropriate snap values in force for project snapping, per Richard

In edit mode, align view to the active object you wish to project to the second object. Look for the options ( and shortcuts ) in the “View” menu

I used “Shift 7” for the screen shot “align view to active - top” ( image 2 )

With all verts or faces / edges selected hit “g” to grab, and the verts will snap along the view axis onto the object, click to confirm and your done. ( image 3 - with additional view rotation to show successful snapping )

With this method you have full control of projection snapping at arbitrary angles and rotations.

Also, as RickyB suggested “knife project” will do the same thing with out needing to set correct snapping parameters. Very handy if your goal is to cut the form into the second object. Either way the important thing is to get the view set correctly. This is why Blender has tools and shortcuts to quickly get this done, without an additional dedicated tool.

Another note: in user preferences, under editing. You can change the new objects option to “view” this makes the whole process even quicker for things of this nature.

Hope this helps.


Thank you guys, you’re amazing… :slight_smile: