Background enviroment for animation.


Right now I’m working on an animation to display some products in a clean “warehouse” enviroment.

I need help to really push the realism of this scene and make it look believable.
Right now I’m only lighting the scene with 2 area lamps, one on the roof and one in the side windows.

The focus should not be on the architecture or objects in it, exept the products I want to show off.

I’ve been playing with baking a white diffuse map and multiplying it with a texture and mixing that as an emission node with a glossy node. You can see what I mean in the image below.

When I rendered this image I didn’t have any diffuse bounces, only 1 glossy bounce.

Rendered at 100 samples with almost no noise (not everything has a baked “lightmap”).

I would like to hear your critique and constructive criticism to help me make this look better, but still render with as low samples as possible.


Hi again. I’m still working on this warehouse-looking enviroment.

However, I have now started using Thea Render instead of trying to get noise free renders out of Cycles.

This is my lastest test. Still trying to figure out how I can get as noise free renders as possible without spending 10 min/frame.

My “goal” is to have each frame render in about 1 minute on 3 equally good computers.

This took about 3 min on a GTX Titan and a 4 core amd processor. I used Thea Presto AO engine with only 1 diffuse bounce.

I would really like as much qritic as you guys can give me. No matter how awful you think it is!


look pretty cool! I like the feeling so far! looking forward to seeing what you want to display there! :wink:


Thanks MathiasA!

Right now I’m trying to figure out how I’m going to composite my scene together.

The things that I’m going to animate have to be rendered in Cycles because of “complex” simulations of cables and drivers etc…
I’ve tried exporting to Thea but every thing must have keyed animations to show up in Thea.

So I have to render the reflections and shadows for my Cycles scene and composite them together some how.