background iimage

how do i rotate a background image?

Open the image in an image editor, rotate it, save and open in blender as a background image
You could alternatively use the Import Image as Planes addon or add the image to an empty to have the image in the viewport instead of using the background image option

Can’t with 2.73. Wait for 2.74 or install development build from buildbot.

what about using a translate node.

translate node on what? i have tried playing in the node edditer.

i think being able to rotate the image in the background image section is a really basic thing and should be expected… :confused:

Background images over complicates things and is prone to crashing blender (might be fixed by now).
Images as planes addon is the way to go giving you regular control over the object.

well adding rotation is not hard… would take 10 min to get it right.
also, i cant use plane in this case, since i have an object above the image, and if i import it as plane, then i wont see the image in wireframe. witch is the only way i can see it through the object.

and i just cant model the lower part without rotating it.

You can set up textured/wire and turn on xray.

or edit appears you might already be doing that?