Background_image_add on any view3d, add vertex normals

I’d appreciate it if someone could point out how to call background_image_add on the SpaceView3D of my choice? This from a python snippet running on the console, or from the text editor. I can get to the view, but the “ops” stuff seems to prohibit you from doing anything useful with it.

Also, how to add normals to a mesh that has been created with from_pydata? It looks like the vertex data is read-only, why?


Open info window to show steps for manual operation. Then add to your script.

Normals are created when you add mesh using “from_pydata”; you can change if needed but not likely necessary (should be fine on generation).

Some “ops” stuff will depend on mode. You can ‘TOGGLE’ mode or set scene options in code. That should fix your “read only” situation.


Change how? If it wasn’t necessary, I wouldn’t be asking.

What options? where? how? I need to set up a background using background_image_add on one or more view3Ds that the script locates, independent of any mode, context, or etc.

You started Blender, there is a box, select it, change mode to edit (tab key), use mesh menu or Ctrl-N to change normals… review info in script window for details if you want to code.


will change mode…

I am looking to jam thousands of numeric vertex normals into a mesh, similar to creating them with from_pydata; the user interface bulk normal operations are not relevant.

Still looking for help on setting up a background image programmatically, as well as the loading normals