background image and sideview

i’v loaded a front and side view pic in the front and side viewport but on the side viewport
i cannot see a plane - it can be seen in all the other viewports except the side viewport

can someone help


Can you explain it better. You loaded a background image, did you apply it as a world material or as a bg image in the 3D view. If you did add it as a bg image in the 3D view you need orthographic turned on (NUM5).
Thats about as much as I can help at the moment

bacground image in the sense of 2D pic to model on
one in the front and the other one in the side view
i just saw that the 2 files were not the same size so this affected the scale and
created problems - i’v readjusted the size

but i still have the problem that the two viewport don’t seems to be the same size
i tried zoom in or out but cannot get the same size
is there a way to set manually the zoom in a viewport?


Your scroll wheel on your mouse will zoom, if that’s what you mean.

I think he’s talking about the fact that even though the size of the pictures is now the same in terms of pixels they still scale differently when you add them in different views. I’m currently having the same issue. Even though both front and side view pictures are 800px in height, they are different in size when added in a front and side view. When I set the size of the front view in the background image properties panel to 20 I have to set the size of the side view picture to approx 27 in the background image properties panel.
Must be something fundamental and probably simple but since I’m a noob myself I haven’t figured it out yet.

the zoom scaling factor is not the same in the different viewport
so when you look at it it looks like they are not the same size even if the scale is the same in the background image menu

may be is not that important as long as the real scale inside blender is the same
but the thing that bother me the most is when you load up the 2 pictures front and side view
they are lnot located at the same place in therms of XYZ localisation
so you have to change the location manually

why is this happenign


Don’t think it’s the zoom factor since I created a box to test the boundaries in the views and they don’t line up for example if I move the box to the bottom of the object in the front view it’s not even close in the side view. Weird but again I managed to use a workaround by changing the relative size in the background image properties panel.