background image as modelling reference

Hi my fellow blenderers,

I just import a jpg image into blender as background reference for modelling, and everything is fine when I was in Top View.

But once I rotate my viewpoint (alt + left mouse button), the background image is gone_

Is there any trick that can fix this?
Many Thanks!!!

The image is only shown when you’re in front, side, top or camera views.

When you model against a background image shown in top view, side view or front view, as soon as you rotate the view in any way, the model is no longer lined up with the image. So there would really be no reason to keep the image in the background. When you line up your view back to top, side or front by pressing numpad 7, 3 or 1 the image will reappear.

It’s simply a forceful reminder that your viewport isn’t lined up with the modeling you’ve already done.

Some people map their reference image onto a plane, using the UV image editor, so they can look at it even when they rotate the viewport. This might be the trick you’re looking for. Never saw much point to it, myself, for the above mentioned reason.

thanks a lot, guys, this is really helping!