Background image - can't get it to work

I have been reading some tutorials that say, load an image into the background:

Select background image
Load image
Press Shift-F5 and image can be seen.

I tried this, and all I could find was a backbuf button.

I loaded my image but it only shows up when I render. :frowning:

How do I get the image to be seen in blender?

Thanks :smiley:

it changed with the new UI

[and you could have searched for the answer, or gone a few pages into this forum]

on the 3d menu header, view menu, background image

press load, and … well it is pretty easy to figure out from there

In the newer versions select “Background Image” from the “view” menu at the bottom of the 3d window.

I hope that made sense. The 2.33 manual (online version of the book) is available at This type of info is easily found in it.