Background image gets resized, undesired.

blender 2.5x graphicall builds

i’m working from a blueprint, i crop one part of the image and save it as “reference_top” and another section of the blueprint is cropped and named “reference_side”

the distance in pixels in the png between the front and back wheel is the same for “reference_top” and “reference_side”. but when i place them in blender i have to mess around with the scale factor of one of them so that they match up.

does anyone else think this behaviour could be improved, to automatically (or optionally ) scale an image

  • i guess for now i should probably insert each reference into a square png, so both images have identical dimensions…

Not sure if you’re asking a question or stating an opinion. As you’ve posted in a support forum I assume a question.
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ok Richard i did answer my own question about how to get around the problem, but some toggle to not resize these images would be useful, no?