Background Image getting chopped up...

So I managed to get blender to the point where it will render out my background image. I have it attached as a texture to a plane in front of the camera. The problem I have is that no matter how I zoom using the camera, I can’t get the image to display as the whole, solid image in the preview. It looks find when I render it, but the preview image that is shown when you are in wire frame mode and camera view ends up getting chopped into pieces that scale and seem to change angle according to how closely zoomed in I am on the camera.

Chances are I messed something up. The image and the render settings are matched up resolution wise. If this isn’t enough information I can post the blend file. Any help would be appreciated. It’s trying to get over little things like this that make the forums (and everyone here) so incredibly helpful. Thanks!

Use backbuf imaging instead. In the rendering windows, to the left (usually) select a destination for the image you want to use and remember to click the checkbox beside it. Now your renders should include the image you’ve selected.