Background image help

In Blender 2.34, how would i set a background image that i could see while in edit mode. I saw a couple of tutorials,
that used this feature but so far it hasn’t worked for me. How would i use this feature? Please visit the web pages above to see what I’m talking about.
Your help is appreciated,

picture is worth a thousand words

Hey Bartisimo,

 What you want to do is.

1: Look at the 3d window header, where you change the
window you want. 3d view, IPO Curve Editor, ect, ect
on there you should see a menu called View.

2: Click that and you should see a menu option called
[] Back ground Image

3: After clicking that you should get a box on the 3d View
( Dont remember what they are called )
there you can pick your image you need.

Hope that helps you.

thank ye

(Exactly what i was trying to say)

yes, thanks guys, u really helped Bartisimo.