background image in place with problems


Background image in front ortho and left ortho. Works fine , 2.70a .

I place a tube in scene, and it shows up much higher in left view, than front. Is there a setting I don’t have set just right in ‘n’ panel in either views ?

I wasn’t having this issue prior to today, so I’m not sure what I’ve got going on here :wink:


I place a tube in scene, and it shows up much higher in left view, than front. Is there a setting I don’t have set just right in ‘n’ panel in either views ?

Best you show us something and attache/post a link to your blend file.

I tried my best to ‘catch’ this fast, before anyone saw the post, but it took seeming forever to get the post to show up, and I realize at least now, that this forum is ‘moderated’,but they sure take their time in getting the post up. Mine wasn’t spam, so whats going on here ? :wink:

Anyway…I fixed it myself, realizing , sadly, that you must use ‘n’ for each view to cause changes.

Sorry to have wasted your time, but if my post had been up here in some reasonable amount of time after I made it, I woud have caught it in time to avoid your wasted effort.

A real pain in the you know what, but that’s what we get I guess these days, for having to deal with spam ?

I’ve seen far far too many boards moderated these days, and its almost not worth posting anymore if one has to wait what seems like HOURS to see their post, for help. Mine took literally hours to see it. Thats’ crazy.

TY so much anyway!

I replied just NOW, but of course, given the nasty WAIT time to see all our posts show up, you can’t SEE IT !!

This is aggravating beyond belief. I am not a spammer. I am ‘trying’ to learn blender , but this spam waiting for posts, does not help, in the slightest. I think I need to use a different modeler if this is the nonsense blender users are n ow forced to deal with. I wonder if max/maya make you wait for hours TO GET HELP ? :wink:

Anyway…Im sorry you had to waste your time typing your reply, as I already figured itout,but you would know that, if this board didn’t have to wait for hours to get my post up here.

Not my fault.

Anyway,ty anyway!

If this offends, not my fault either, its just how it is. I m ‘not’ theonly one who im sure would hate waiting 2+ or so hours to see their post, when most need help the moment they post.

IS there no other way to deal with spam , than to make people wait So long ?

Honest question, by someone tired of being treated like a spammer.


See this FAQ:

2. To help fight against forum spam bots post from new users ( 10 or less posts ) needs to be approved by a moderator. As moderation is a voluntary service this might take a while depending on the timezone you are live in.

Yup I noted that when I signed in, but as always,when we are in trouble we need help, not 2 hrs later. BUT I get it, just annoying is all that spam causes these issues, that don’t exist on other forums, like CGsociety. Just sayin…surely some other means can be had here ?

I know cgs has likely a lot more staff, but still, I see no reason to post here and possibly wait an hour + as I did last night, when its going to be posted immediately, over there.

This isn’t a US vs THEM, so pls spare me…its just logistics :slight_smile: