Background Image is tile - - ing?

Hi, ( using 2.48 )

I’m trying to use a background image (.jpg) as a guide but when zooming the view the background image is tiling and not maintaining a consistent view.

Can you recommend a fix?

Thank you!

Update to the latest version of blender. If there is a bug in the background display it’s most likely to have been fixed in an updated version. I don’t see any tiling with a background image. Could be a graphic driver problem. See if there is an update for your graphics card.


2.49a does the same thing as 2.48a. Any “large” image ( as in hight quality ) results in tileing.
If I resize the image to a width of 200px then the tileing problem goes away.

However 2.45 has no problems and can load a huge image ( 2800px wide ) as a background image with no tileing problems.

I’m not willing to update my video drivers. I’m running an older version of the ATI drivers that works better than any new ones with all other apps that need video to be fast and stable.

Any other comments are welcome.


So what is the difference in the rendering engine between 2.45 and 2.48 or 2.49 that would cause the tiling

Bumping this thread.
Needed to use a quality background image ( in the view ports ) again and had to go back to 2.45 to user a decent background image.

Tested 2.49b and still the same problem.
No problem in 2.45.
Problem began with 2.48

Can anyone comment on this?

There’s really only 1 of these in the real image.
Zooming out reduces the tiling until there is only 1 but then detailed work is impossible.
When 2 appear, the location of the original changes on the grid.

This happens with any image of 200px wide.