Background Image Problem!

(I think this is the right place to post, not sure)

I have an issue: whenever I set a background image or even load up an empty image, the Blender interface goes really slow. I don’t have any idea why at all. My computer is not that bad, it works great and fast with everything simple, its only when I have an image. I think I might have a setting wrong or something. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance

Could possibly be an issue with drivers, but without further information like system specs, it will be hard to give you an answer.

I cant find the gpu specs… but here is this

I was wondering if you might have an Intel integrated graphics card (chipset)

I’ve been looking around the internet for a while, and I am pretty sure that my computer does have an Intel integrated graphics card.

I have never modified/upgraded my laptop at all, btw

That may be an issue, since Intel cards have not been working well with Blender. Not saying that this is the problem though, but it is a good start. Start cheap and see if the drivers are up to date first (free is ALWAYS a good place to start), then start to think about a card last.

I updated my drivers, no difference. I am not going to buy a card or chip though, so I guess I’ll just work around it.

Thanks for your help!