Background Image size Blender 2.59

Hi community :wink:
I got a strange problem on background images…
I wanna model a car and so I downloaded some nice blueprints, cut them for the different views.
I got a top view: 520x1231px
Side: 1223x461px
Front: 517x448px
But when I put them into blender they get resized like this:

Does anyone know, how background images can be used in original size in blender, because I dont wanna edit the size due to accuracy loss :wink:
I would really appreciate your help :wink:


Background images always come in with the longest image dimension set to 10 blender units. Take that into account when creating your images. You can set the background image scale in the background settings.
You could also import using the Images as Planes addon
Take note of the import settings when you select an image to set how you want the image imported (as the image dimensions or number of pixels per blender unit). What settings you decide is up to you.

First of: thanks for the very fast reply :wink:
But i actually didnt understand too much from what you said. My actual problem is that (how you can see on the image) the length of the side view gets resized to the width of the car although it should actually be as long as the car (top and side image should build a cross then)
I hope you understand what i mean, because i am very new to blender (started yesterday :wink: )


The simplest way is to use square images or scale them in the background image settings so they line up.

Thanks again :wink:
I got the idea with square images already but thought it could be easier actually (I’m just putting a white square below the actual picture in gimp).
So it isn’t possible that blender just uses the pictures in the original size?

Here is a possible way to do it without too much fiddling about. I have used this method several times and it makes things a lot easier. Assuming your views are scaled properly.

When you do your reference images, draw a straight line on each surface to create a box if you like around the bodywork. (One on the roof topmost point, another on the tyres, front and rear bumpers). Then use the import images as planes add-on to bring them into the 3Dview. Arrange and scale the image planes (in object mode) so that the lines match up properly.

Then in each view add the associated background image and simply adjust the size and position of each of them until they match the images on the plane (use the opacity sliders). When satisfied, you can either delete the image planes or move them to another layer in case you need them again.

May not be the best way but it certainly is quicker than fiddling about with image resizing in PS.

I think i solved my problem by editing the picture to a square image bigger than the longest length/width needed (i just put a white plane scaled 1300x1300 behind each view in this case). It’s for sure not the best solution but it works for me just now.

Thanks for everybody who helped