Background image sizing problem

I am new to blender and have been following the Noob to Pro tutorial on wikibooks ( I am trying to put background images of a toy wolf in each viewport so that I can model it. However, when I import the JPEG pictures of the wolf from the front and back, they are much larger than the side views even though the “image size” in blender says otherwise.

(See attached file)

I edited the pictures in GIMP 2 which I am using for the first time so perhaps the problems is with how I used that program.

I am using Blender 2.6

Can anyone help me?



I believe it adds an image so that the X dimension is set to 1 blender unit. Either give your images the same number of pixels on the x axis or adjust the size value in the Background Image properties panel so that the images line up.

How do I give my images the same number of pixels on the x axis?

You’ll have to do that in an external image editor like Gimp/Paint Shop Pro/Photoshop etc.
An example of setting up images

See this is where I am confused. I thought I had done this already in GIMP. I put all my shots in one file and lined them up with the rulers.

If you look at the picture I attached at the beginning, you should be able to see that the number of pixels for the height of the two images are nearly the same (“image: size”). Yet, the cube looks much smaller in one viewport.


Background images are scaled by reference to the larger dimension of the image, whichever that is. If you want the heights the same, but the images are wider than they are high, then you need to set the background image sizes to be proportional to the ratio of width to height for each image. It’s not the way I would have designed it, but it is manageable once you know how it works.

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Genius! Great thanks so much. It’s an amazing feeling to finally fix one of those nagging, little problems that impedes your progress on a project

Necro I know but I am still having trouble understanding this. I resized all my images to have identical X-Axis widths but that didn’t help. Are you saying that the ratio between the two axis needs to be the same on all pictures?

No, your image sizes can be anything at all, provided you set the background scale to match. You need to set the sizes to be proportional to the larger of the the two dimensions in each case; the smaller dimension, whichever and whatever it is, is just ignored.

Let’s say you have three images that are 640x480, 480x640 and 640x768 pixels respectively, and you want them all to have the same pixel size as background images. Sizes of 6.4, 6.4 and 7.68 respectively would work, as would {3.2, 3.2, 3.84} , or {1, 1, 1.2} or any set of numbers with the same ratios.

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Ahh i see, think i gotcha now. I was new to Blender before 2.5, now this has set me back again :S

I’ll let you know the result :slight_smile:

P: Auckland, wicked! I used to live in Matakana about an hour north of Auck. Wish I could come back, the UK is crap atm

OK so it did work (mostly) I till had to fiddle around with the sizes but it certainly made a massive difference. Thanks, Now I just need to work out how to actually model this damn helicopter :S don’t really know where to begin.

@amartin I think the easiest way to do what you want is simply to adjust the size value in the top-right corner in the background image window. Because all you want is to resize the image in Blender, right? :confused: