Background Image slowdown - Bug?

Hey guys, I’m using 2.40, 2.37, and 2.34 to test this, and in all of those versions, if i try to load this image( into the viewport as a background, there is a massive slowdown. The framerates drop and everything gets choppy.

AMD 1800+
Radeon 9600XT 128mb
768 mb Matched ddr400
Xp pro SP 2

Any help?
It might be my video drivers, but i did update them just recently.


You should lower your filesize of the picture. Although it is small, make it smaller… I think you dont have to much memory…

Hope it helps,

I tried it with a .jpg file that was 8 kb’s and it still had the same slowdown. The memory on the card and the ddr should be fine, and in the past it has been.

Im really at a loss.


an idea
I think it would maybe work if you uvmapped it to a plane to use it as a reference. Maybe if the method is different then it will not slow down the computer.

Its something with your video card drivers.

Mods should stick this radeon driver problems thread… %|

there is a radeon problems thread we can reffer to as singular?

[but yeah, some ati configurations have issues with background images, I usually just zoom in until it’s not a problem]

quick question…
how do you put an image in the background? plz email me if you know how… i fell like i’m missing something n00b here.