background image slowness

I’m new. Go easy on me.

Ok. So I loaded in a background image to do some modelling but man the whole thing slows down to a crawl when doing anything with the background image displaying. I have an older graphics card (Matrox G450) and I’m wondering if an upgrade will help. Maybe there is some sort of switch to flip to make this thing speed up?? It’s plenty fast without the image in the background btw.

Other things to note. P4 2.4 gHz processor. 1G DDR333 RAM. winxp.

This happens to me too, try switching to wireframe (Z) whenever you’ve got a background image (it normally works for me), or use a lower resolution image. As for your graphics card, I’m not very experienced with that sort of thing but it wouldn’t hurt to get an upgrade if it’s an older card, although you’re probably fine if it runs smoothly normally.

I found out my digital camera by default takes like 2048 by freakin 1600 size images, and using them as background causes my system to lag, and is a total waste. I second what animatinator says: check the resolution and scale it down; if your screen is 1200x800 and your window pane with the reference pic is 1/4 your screen size, anything over 300x200 is overkill.

Thanks for the tips! I’ll try both of those ideas. I just checked and the jpegs are like 3 megs! I’ll also try the wireframe thing.