Background Image (Solved)

Hi im Wentzel a Programmer from S.A

Im fairly New to Modeling since i used to work on most 2D game’s.

How do you set a background image so you can just model of it and later remove it.

Here’s the link

The first step i have my .png image but i don’t know how to set it to the background.


Thanks for the reply but my internet cable is slow and i can hardly load anyting.

Can someone tell me where to import the background image it’s only one image.

on the numerics menu (N key) there is an option “Display” under it “Background Image” click there and it will show a folder icon, navigate to the image to load it in. To see the image you must be in orthographic view (5 key on the numpad)

Yeah that’s it.
I have one small problem thought.

The image seem’s not to display.

Here is my step’s.

Open blender > Press N > Go to background image box and mark it > Add image > Open > (select image) > Add > Nothing happens it just go’s to the Numerics Menu again.

Am i doing something wrong.?

are you in (front, side, top view) in orthogeraphic view (press 1, 5, wait, if nothing, press 5 again, all on numpad)

Thanks dude work fine.

I have one more question thought the plane’s are now side way so they are thin how can i rotate them flat.
Without changing view.?

r key. followed by x to constrain to x axis, y for y-axis, z for z axis

Thanks dude.

Blender isn’t hard at all , Mostly the beggining.