Background Image

Whenever I use a background my realtime speed slows down unbelievably, this makes modelling almost impossible, is there anything I can do?

I enver tested it but I heard it work much better if you UV-map the images to a plane.

I am using it for Human Modelling and it is there whilst I am truly modelling it, I don’t want to haft to render at every minor movement I make of the vertices.

You don’t have to if you enable shaded mode.

But then it is soooo garbled even if I subdivide 20 times then is just as slow! I’m not trying to be stubborn.

What do you mean by garbled? Are you sure you’re UV mapping?

you could give this a go …

What’s the file size of the bg picture? I usually shrink them in gimp if they are slowing me down. That usually helps.

I didn’t see it was friggin’ 1028X1028!!! Yeah, thanks artjunky for the solution and everyone else for the help!