Background Image

Hi all, hope someone can help me out here. I was useing a background image to model a yacht. It worked fine up to a point, it now only appears in camera view and not in front and top view. What have I done wrong and how do I fix it. Thanks.

try saving and restarting blender. This has happened to me a couple of times, i think maybe you pressed the wrong button by mistake at one point, i dont know what button or what it does.
Also, make sure you are in orthographic mode and are facing it straight on (i.e press 1,3 or 7 on the numpad)

I tryed that already with no luck. Even tryed useing the backup file, no go. If I open a new file I have no problem. It would seem that the background image has linked itself to the camera view some how and won’t let go. The last thing that I remember doing is pressing esc to stop a render. Could this be a bug? I have attched the file if anyone cares to take a look.
Thanks again.

Guess I can’t attach the file.

Try pressing Numpad 5 in Top and Front views.


Now I feel a bit stupid. I must have pressed num pad 5 by mistake or while I thought that I was entering a number! Sorry for wasting your time.