background Image

I want to know why this is happaning to my background image that I am using as a reference image. I’m new to blender so any help you can give me is much appreciated. Thank you.

as you can see in the picture I’m using blender 2.49.2

it could be your graphics card, is this your first time loading a background image ?

what format is the image? Perhaps open in photoshop/gimp and resave the image. Save it as jpg (high to prevent degradation), tga or png.

As far as I my experience with Blender, if you start to mix up your background image and views, Blender starts to do strange things. Look at your post; you have three Top Ortho windows! And, you are trying to display background image on just one of them? I don’t think Blender knows what you are trying to do. Set up views. Have the proper background image on correct view. Once setup, don’t try to display other view on different window.