background image

I have a cartoon with transparent background, how do I super impose it on a background image in blender 2.7, I tried but it does not work. I can load the image by it’s self, but when I bring in my cartoon with transparent background it does not work.

What exactly does not work?
You’re talking about compositing, right? Here’s a simple “quick and dirty” example:

The “cowboy” is the render layer (could of course also be another image), the backyard is just an image file. The Alpha Over node superimposes the cowboy with transparent background over the background image. The Translate and Scale nodes adjust the cowboy’s position and size.

great I will use this

Here is the toon want to put a background on, if you can use it to put your back ground do and give me the nodes.

I do not seem to find Alpha over and Translate nodes, I am using the latest version of Blender

You can set your render to use transparent instead of Sky in the render shading panel, and you can then use the compositor to overlay your render layer onto the image background.

Wow, that is what I wanted, it worked without having to deal with nodes…THANKS

Now that I have both images, where is the compositor button to render them both?

You need to open a node window and choose compositor - then click use nodes and then copy that layout he gave you, using shift A to add the different nodes. Alpha over is under Color, and image is under input .

Thanks for all…I was not using the Translate window, once I used it…the overlay worked…