Background Images Not Appearing on any view and/or any view type except for Camera

I’m trying to insert a background image, but I’m unable to see it even with orthro or perspective mode (Numpad+0) or with any view point (Numpad+1,3,7,8 and all the CTRLS and SHIFT combinations). I’ve read similar posts with the same issue, but never with a solution that works for me.

Help is appreciated, as I can’t work with Blender without this key feature.

To add on that, I made sure opacity and size weren’t the issue. Also, the image appears when I go in camera view (Numpad+0), but then vanishes after I move it.

Background images are for cameras only now. If you need images in normal view, you should be using Image Empties (i.e. Add -> Image -> Reference or Background). Those have their own settings as to which views they appear in.