background images not equal

i loaded 2 pic on front and side view to model a 3D man with line

the grid on either side ar not equal !
is there a way to make them equal so that i can draw directly and have the proper scale in 3D


If the two pictures are equal it is not nessecary for the grids to be equal since blender will do the nessecary translation for you.
If you add a cube to the above scene that is 1BU wide. It will be 1BU wide in both views. It will just appear to be larger on the right view then on the left view. So no need to align the grids.

I’d be more concerned about the method you’re using to attempt to make a human figure, than about minor issues of the grid lines lining up. You can match them if you want, but better advice would be to find and follow tutorials about making a figure using background images. Joan of Arc is a classic, and mr_bomb has some on his website.

this is one of the project i’m working on
i’m jusing the Leonardo Da Cinci vitruvian man in a circle and want to make a 3D vitruvian man

and i got these blueprint for the average male dimensions
so i’m trying to build this 3D model
i don’t want to use an existing 3D model because i need to keep the real proportion valid
for the average man.
i saw the 3DS Jeanne d’arc model which is nice but not quit the model i need
i want an average man like the one from Leonardo the real one not the fake one in Titanic

i tough the grid would change sone of the values in the 3D model
i just made a test with a perfect square and it seems that it doesn matter anymore if the size is exact in all the viewports - i know that 2 years ago there was a correction factor for the Y value in the sideview but this seems to have been changed an now you don’t have to rescale your sideview anymore which is fantastic!


I’m not suggesting you use the Joan model, I’m suggesting you use the Joan method. Drawing a two dimensional contour line around a background image is really not a good way to begin modeling a 3d figure.

i’v also downloaded the makehuman and will try it later to see what can be done with this

by experimenttaing with different method i’;m practicing differente technics to become more fluent whit blender and all the new features that i did not work with
it takes patience to master something and olnly prratice and time will do it


In that case I will stop annoying you with advice from someone who’s “been there, done that.”