Background images not saving

Hell all…

Total newbie here so please forgive me if this is a stupid question.

Was trying to model my first character and set up my background images in front and side ortho views. The next time I opened up the file, the images were not showing up and I had to re-load them. It seemed to keep track of the images that were supposed to appear, just not loading them up to appear. (when I open the scene, it appears as if no background images were applied, but when I click new image and then click on the image icon, (not the browser folder) the images appear listed in there.)

Blender 2.65 IMac OS 10.6.8

Thanks in advance.


Did the location of the .blend or of the images change?

Did you recover the file from autosave?

Those are the only two reasons I can think of.

If Blender loads up the filepaths correctly though, then pressing the reload button next to ‘Source’ for each image should work.

I tested and noticed that if i load a .blend in which i had setup some Background Image, i have to enable “Load UI” or the background image will simply disappear (from both the 3D view and from the N Panel).

While if i load the same blend with “Load UI” enabled, the Background Image are loaded just fine.

See if that’s the case for you.
I’m not sure Blender is supposed to remove your background image setup with Load UI disabled, could be an overlook or a bug.

It seems to be the Load UI button that was the culprit. Thanks guys!