Background images - your having a laugh!

Hi all

Is there a trick to using the background images?
I spent some time in PShop getting front, back, side etc perfectly cut and in scale, set Blender to 3 windows, front, side, top - added background images to each. All ok apart from front which shows way over scale from original image.
Thought it may have something to do with window zoom level etc but even when all set the same it still imports way out - can manually adjust etc but it’s a pain!

I did read another thread where people were using textures instead of the background image - anyone got any good ideas how to set something useable up? (small tut preferablly!)

Many thanks!

Just thought…this may have been best in Interface forum - sorry

you can set the size and position of the background image, in the panel that pops up with it.

to use textures, you need to map the textures to planes, then work in textured mode the whole way. I’ve never did that as I never really needed to, but I think there is some script that helps set it up, rotoscopo or something.

Thanks for the reply
I’ll have a look for that script.
My point was that I took the time to scale etc before using in Blender - having to rescale an already scaled pic is a pain!

I think I know what you mean - the problem might be the varying size of the images, rather than the subject therein. Try saving your images in a 1:1 ‘canvas size’ and make them all the same, e.g. your top view is 400 x 800 pixels and your front view is 400 x 300 - set them all as 800 x 800. You can do this easily using layers; lay them out to scale on the same ‘canvas’ then save them as separate images - if you follow me.

That way Blender sees them as all the same size and will not distort them.

Ah never thought of that - makes sense I guess
They are all varying but 3 out of the 4 were ok! lol try try again!

Have you seem this post?

Hope this helps.

Thanks! I had searched but never seen that thread :confused: -1 point to me
All is getting clearer…just a little bit mind!