Background images...


Hoping someone can help me out with this in some way.

Basically, what I’m looking to do is use a background image of a terrain map as a “template” to trace over. Basically, placing a large, subdivided plane and moving the vertices along the x/y planes to “block out” the major contours. Then I can go back and start pulling/pushing/extruding to fill out the actual land-mass.

Trouble I’m running into is that I can’t see the background image through the mesh, making it pretty much impossible to know where to put the vertices - even when the 3D view is in that “x-ray” mode. Is there a way to set this up where I’ll be able to see the background image through the mesh?

Thank you for any assistance or tips…


what size of mesh are you using?

I assume xray means wireframe mode (z-key), some suggestions are…

Make the pic bigger so the lines dont get in the way

Apply an outline filter to the image in photoshop/ photopaint etc and change the base colour to something other than black

Contrast the image up to create better definition


If you can convert the image to greyscale and it makes a good bump map,
subdivide the mesh a lot and set it as displacement map then click noise in the f9 menu to permanently apply it. Remove the texture and you should have a good terrain


I’m an idiot.

You know, I’m so used to working in shaded mode that it never even occured to me to put it in Wireframe.

/slaps forehead

Okay… problem solved… thanks! :slight_smile: