background immage

Hi guys.
Thanks for your help so far. But I am stuck once again. I manage to greate mountain landscap adding texture and all that . But having difficulty adding cloud to my creation .
Please could you guys help me out I realy need it
Thanks michaelman

You can design a cloud in a image editor.
Or use an existing picture.

You are attempting to put a background picture for your mountain, right?

Just press [F10] for render settings, then down at the panel, tab “Output”, by the 2nd text box (may say “//backbuf”), click on the folder icon. Navigate to the image, then click “Select BACKBUF Picture”. Then click the buton BACKBUF on the same tab to enable it. That’s all.

If you need to make a cloud that is over it, and is 3D made, I am not the person for that…