Background in VRML, carried here from Blender General...

Hi guys,

I’ve been discussing some stuff with Greybeard in Blender General relating to an idea I’ve got - over here,

It’s a bit of grand idea, and there are probably questions I’ll ask that are covered in some way in the Blender Manual, but while I’m reading that, I thought maybe a couple of interested fellows could browse the other topic and perhaps converse with me here.

My main questions relate to LOD (Level of Detail), Units of measurement, including models, or scenes, into larger scenes, and providing some sort of cohesive link between areas when the viewers POV shifts through-out a scene.

See, my background is in VRML, so I’m not used to creating scenes and models with anything more complex than a text editor - I like the precision inherent in specifying exact coordinates - and I’m not used to the idea of a constrained 3D space on the computer, since VRML values can be anything from 10,000,000 metres down to 0.00001 of an metre, or more in either direction.

Obviously though, my idea has grown much too complex for VRML, and I need an avenue to continue working on it, or restart if there is a chance of eventual fruition.

I’d like to use Blender - because it’s free, the community seems helpful and generally positive, and because I don’t know where to begin if I had to create my own engine - and I’m hoping that it is possible to use Blender to create what I have envisioned, and keeps growing in my thoughts.

I can’t draw very well, nor paint, and this idea is starting to give me a headache. :wink:

It’s so dense and complex and I keep dreaming about it, growing larger as I explore it and find even more landscape, more people, more curious places and odd eventualities.

You could say I’m obsessed, but every time I think about it I can’t help imagining more to it.

Hello and welcome to the Blender world
The more blender freaks we are the more fun will be :slight_smile:

Maybe you should inspire deeply…
Then go to the top sticky posts, download as many games/demos as
you can/want, play a bit, make some of yours, and post questions here
Bye and keep blending