Background Occlusion

The button for background occlusion that the previous generation of Blender contained does not exist in 2.5. Is there a workaround or an hidden option?

Have you actually looked on the 3dview header ?

I looked where you have the option for selecting vertices, faces, and edges. It used to be right next to those buttons, iirc. 3dheader … looking.

Like this button?


Yes, except I don’t have that button. Mine goes straight from the three select buttons to proportional editting.

Here’s mine.

You wouldn’t have the option while you are in wireframe mode as it would be pointless, there’s no such thing as background occlusion in wireframe view mode. It can only usefully be used in solid or textured view mode,

Dammit. I fail. Thank you. That hadn’t even occurred to me.