Background Problems

Hi, I’m a new user of blender and haven’t learned how to model yet. I’ve been following some tutorials and when they told me instructions on how to upload backgrounds, the backgrounds won’t show up.

I’m wondering if i followed the instructions right or if there is another way to upload a background.

Hi there,

Welcome to the forums. You haven’t mentioned what tutorials you’ve followed so we can’t know whether you’ve done anything wrong. Have you tried folllowing these sections of the manual?

Background images


Import images as planes - available as an add-on, but not enabled by default in 2.59.

The tutorials I have been using are all on and the background in particular that I have been trying to upload is from Unit 1’s Yellow Submarine Tutorial at

I think my problem might lie on the Import Images as planes add-on but I’m a bit confused on how to go about adding the add-on.

Installing add-ons

If the background image does not show up you are probably in perspective view. Background images only show in orthographic view. You can toggle between both with numpad 5