background question...

Hi! In my animation I need the background to change thoughout the animation. Is there a way to animate/ change the background throughout the animation? Thanks in advance!
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I don’t think the Background Images options are animatable. The World tab is though. But instead, why don’t you animate a plane with an image as a background, or the material in it?

Hello, well there is bit of more details to handle with your question. What ptbbastos said is true: Background images are no animatable. However I think you mean the background created with your world settings?

In that case you can animate it. Once in the world settings, add a texture to it, right? well this texture could be anything, a procedural clouds, an “image” etc…then, what you will animate are the coordinates X Y and Z, in blender 2.49 it shows dx, dy and dz which I use as velocity. So if you key X=0 and then 50 frames ahead X=1 then your background ( whatever it is ) will move on the X axis on those 50 frames. Now what problem are you facing with this? If you are using a procedural texture as a clouds, you wont have any problem because the texture never ends, there is no borders. If you use an image you must monitor the coordinates since the edge of your picture will show at some moment. One solution for this is using HDR images mapped as HDR or using big resolution pictures mapped as sphere ( This is easy but you need to dig a bit on this topics since the default projection for textures on the world are GLOBAL, but notice that you have more options combining then with REAL SKY in the world setting)…Take a look at this animation I made almost a year ago: The sky with the clouds are being animated in the x axis when the Ptedodatyl flies to the left…when he goes down I animated the world in the Z axis so relatively it looks like he is going down. If I don’t do this, the clouds would be static like a piece of paper behind the screen. Notice that when the animal flies in front of the camera, the word does not move, it is static on the same coordinates. Here is the link:

Hope it helps…:smiley: Obviously you can animate materials etc or anything animatable on the texture. Not just the coordinates. 2.5 is much better for this.

Sorry i didn’t specify what I meant by animate. I meant to animate color change. How do you fade from one color to another? Thanks!

Well key the color settings wherever you want it to be. if it is in the world setting ( texture ), you can key the parameters you use to build your texture. As I said at the end, not just the coordinates are animatable, you can animate the textures as well. Textures has a color parameter. If it is an image you could mix two textures. It is hard to explain because I do not know exactly what you need. You must write a detailed explanation.:eek: How are you incorporating your “background image” into your animation?