Background/reference images 2.8 to work like they did before?

Background image section has changed a lot. Now we add it via an empty. so moving and rotating and scaling them has become very easy now.

In 2.7, it was cumbersome, however, it did a few things better. Whenever I moved my view out of the front/side/back orthographic view, the background images were disabled and would enable again when entering the respective front/side/view.

In 2.8, the background image doesn’t disappear when I move my view. They stay there and it hinders making small angular adjustments. How do I make the reference/background images to disappear once I move my view like it did in 2.7?


No empty but Image > Background

Sorry, I am actually using that method.

Incorrect use …

You must place yourself in the right view, for example the Front view and Shitf + A > Image > Background

That’s how I have placed them.

I went to front view, added image > background.

Then I went to top view, added image > background and so on.

Ha, then I don’t see the problem. :thinking:

For me, it works fine… maybe an option in the preferences?


You need to uncheck the “Display Perspective” option.

This has nothing to do with the problem, you can place then where you want.

that’s the issue. modeling is not accurate for me in perspective view. So I stay in ortho view when making little angular adjustments.

You should do it by hand :wink:

sorry, I don’t get it.

Like in Sonic pic, you should uncheck Display Orthographic after you move to user orthographic mode

Not exactly, because if you place this image in the perspective view, a move on it will be aligned with the camera view . . … and when you move in the Front view (for example) your image is distorted…
… unless there’s a possibility I don’t know about! :grinning:

yeah. But isn’t this tiresome? I am not talking about making one time adjustments, throughout the modeling, we make numerous adjustments, and imagine checking that option option off and on every single time.

Yes indeed it is :frowning:

If you leave them like that, yes (you can reorient them where you want, scale, rotate and translate with the gizmo), but as I said, It’s not related to usernew’s issue, as every reference picture that is created has the “Display Perspective” turned ON, and that’s why you are seeing them in the perspective view.

Actually, it’s just a matter of working methods. :slightly_smiling_face:

All my views are in Ortographic except the user view which is in Perspective.

When I use a reference image, I place myself directly in the view corresponding to this reference (top, face, side…)

Simple and exactly what I want.
The parameters of my Empty being always set like this…:

All my views are in Ortographic except the user view which is in Perspective.

And if your user view is in ortho view and you want to keep it that way?

I know Blender 2.8 is great and all, but small things like this should be there. Right now, this is the only solution I could find: move the images far away on their respective axis.

I hope Blender makes some more improvements in little aspects like these.

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Maybe I don’t understand the question fully, but if you want to model in orthographic view without having your reference image distorted, that shouldn’t require checking any boxes- I always model in ortho, and whenever I put down a reference image, it defaults to showing up in Front Ortho. If you want it to show up in Side Ortho, just duplicate it and R > Z > 90 so it pivots to the side. Again, I might be missing your question entirely, but I feel like the checkboxes and moving images far away solutions are overly complicated.

As I said, it’s just a matter of workflow. :wink:

Maybe . . . :