Background shift

I am attempting to make a short test animation to demonstrate a starship that I modeled, and I have the animation almost ready, but I am having a problem with the background. I am using an image of stars as the background- applied as a texture to the material of the “world” in the world buttons, set to effect the color of the horizon. It shows up well, but as the camera moves, the view of the stars does not; the stars stay in the same position in each frame while the camera rotates. How do I set the view of the stars to change as the camera rotates?

Blender has a built in star feature that works quite well. to use it select the world buttons tab under the materials section. Then select the mist/stars/physics tab. Click the stars button and play around with
the settings until you get the desired result. They will appear to shift
as the camera moves. Also, you have to set the background color to black.

You have to activate ‘real’, or ‘paper’ I think, To have the sky texture correctly mapped independently of the camera angle. An easier approach is to have a large hemisphere to act as a skybox. You have more control over it this way.