Background & Sides Images Possible?

:o Hi, I’m brand new to this forum & recently new to blender, bought the 2.3 guide which I’m working through, but have already been given the task by work to create an animation of creating a new dental crown. Couple of questions though:-

  1. Besides a background image, can I also load at the same time a side image in order to get the correct profile of a tooth?
  2. I have to shown a model of the prepared tooth, the metal coping for the crown and then the individual layers of porcelain being added. Is it possible to layer a mesh one over the other, similar to creating a shell?

Many thanks
Carlito :Z

  1. just split your 3D window and add a new Background image in Side View (Numpad 3).

  2. Use seperate Materials, Blender doesn’t support layered objects.