background texture


Sorry this is all a bit messy!
im attempting to create this picture


Ive used this picture to create a background.


Now im trying to add it using the method in this video. , it the sky bit right at the end of the video. From of 11,45 minutes.

Whats happening is i cant find my back ground only the sky bit not the hills. Has any one a idea of what coordinates i have to tick in to see the hills.

Here is my blend file.

Maybe i have to make the back ground with less sky?
Im just not sure.



Hi Lisa

I think it is most likely the scaling for the texture mapping that is not correct
The background image you used was not included in the blend
But I put a simple sky picture in your blend and adjusted the scaling and the sky appeared!

Like this …

Hope this helps



Still having alot of problems with this. I post again my blend file ( this time packed, sorry)

I tried scaling and it helped, but now my backround is or triangulated or has fisheye when i render it.

here the blend file.

I doubt you want one small part of the horizon depicted on your background image being stretched out over the World sphere.
Not only you would have much lower resolution on image camera sees but background image would be distorted too.
Here’s one way you could use such image.


Eppo is correct.
The tutorial you are following uses a HDRI image that is much higher resolution than your image, because it represents a complete 360° picture of the sky
Your image is a camera snap that only encompasses a small section of the horizon and sky
Eppo has added a plane to act as the board for the image you use so it can act as a background.
The disadvantage of this approach is that all the light is coming only from this background instead of having a complete sky dome.
But then you have particular lighting round the structure in any case.

Best of luck


To me there’s no light thrown in the scene at all from the plane added.

Thank u very much.

It worked also wen i i used a different background with a much higher resolution. But i think ill work on the solution you’ve given me. The lighting around the house was only to light the house up while i worked on textures, so ill be adding different lighting.
Now i have to tidy it up and get the grass texture appearance fitting the background. then try to get it looking realistic with the lighting. So much work to do!.