Well i haven’t posted any projects in a while (not to say i haven’t been working on stuff), but tonight i felt like making a new background for my desktop. After about ten minutes of playing around, this is what i came up with. Its a rather simple scene but i like it and felt it was worth posting. (1280 x 1024)

Any C&C is of course welcome.

The ceramic looks good but lessen the bluish tint. The liquid in the cups looks fake and irreal and needs some work.

That’s probably because it isn’t liquid ;). It’s merely the background color as the objects are hollow. You seem to be under the impression that this is an arrangement of cups (?), but it’s more of an abstract piece and isn’t actually supposed to look like anything in particular. As for the blueish tint I personally feel that it softens the harshness of the overall color of the image - but then I’m by no means an expert on that type of thing so I’ll take your suggestions into consideration. Thanks for the reply!