Backgroung transparency in video

I’m trying to recreate this EKG trace in blender, add some perspective to it and make it part of a larger scene.

I’m thinking rather than model it, then in Blender trying to animate it. It might be easier to recreate a similar sequence as a video in another package, say Flash, and import it in Blender as just an animated line and then put the perspective I want on it (it might lack depth, but I’m only after the perspective/glow/animation really)

The video needs transparency as I’d like to see other Blender objects behind the EKG trace.

So I’ve got essentially 3 questions.

  • Is it possible to import the video and make the background transparent?
  • How do I make a video background transparent?
  • Know of any good tutorials on this?

Any help would be gratefully recieved, thanks.

thanks place57, that’s great, however the link doesn’t really explain how to use Map taper feature? Good tip on VSE though.

Back in the good old days (last century), I did this effect by creating a grid without pulse, a grid with pulse (or just pulse) then made some wipes between the 2. First is hard edged for lead and second is a gradual fade edge. You could even layer another for the add effect at the hard edge.