Backing like Cycles GI with Blender Internal

Test Please… careful, it takes much time :slight_smile:
What you think about this and directions of Blender development?

Sorry for BaCking :slight_smile: and my bad English…

That link just looks too suspicious. I’m out.

Really scary?

Nope it leads to an automatic download.

Most people here will use well known hosting services like Mediafire and Dropbox for files and Imgur and Imageshack for images, people use those sites in part to ensure that no one will get a virus on their machine if they click the link.

Because if that link was to give someone a virus and you defend it, things might not end well.

Yeah. I was on my tablet so it gave me plenty time to close it and delete my cache… this guy is annoying though.

Well…i think we have two hobbit in the hole :slight_smile:

Richard Marklew, time to close this. Thanks.

Well, I’m on Linux, and don’t really care what infects my computer at the moment, as I’m about to reinstall everything, so I went and downloaded it.
It is a 5.3mb 7zip file containing … a blend.

So you guys who were worried can rest easy.

The scene looks very nice, really looks like a professional game asset. It all seems to be focused around the nodegroup ‘GI Node’ and the material ‘reflector.’
I didn’t bother decoding what they do, but on my computer, it takes far longer to bake.

A simple scene without the nodegroup took <1 second, but with the nodegroup it took ~10 minutes. My computer is a laptop, and not on par with many modern desktops, but it still is no slouch, sitting on a 2.6ghz quad core with 8gb ram. Based on nothing else, the render time prohibits my use of this system.

Also, the noticable difference was exactly none for this particular scene. But maybe I did something wrong.


The file is safe (doesn’t anyone have SUPERAntiSpyware or Malwarebytes?). But, @Old_Demon, I have downloaded some of your older files, and I must say, I was impressed a bit, especially the ring/caustics example. I have long wished for GI to be integrated into BI, but we’ve all heard that mess before. What I want from you and your files is an explanation of what your nodes do, and how to set them up. I’ve actually got some beautiful results from them, this could be a good thing. :slight_smile:

This is my result with your ring/caustics setup, and it rendered in just a couple of minutes on my crap PC. Your lights and your material, I just added the twisted torus:

sdfgeoff, sorry it is no one click solution… you need understanding and good knowledge of the BI
VickyM72, Thank You!

This is the old version with the ring. I don’t remember that there… New in the file at the link above. To render not bake need to unmute a vector group and connect to both materials for correction vectors… In the material “Reflector” must be turned off Specular checkbox. His Mirror Glossy - it is the analogue of Rougness in Cycles, but global. Normal setting is 0.5. Depth - the number of bounces. Samples are multiplied by the AA. Before rendering material “Noise” must be active (selected). All of your base materials must be Full sample. To each source material you must connect a group of “GI Node”. If base material have texture, need Shadeless duplicate material. See file… Don’t be afraid to experiment. If you are really interested in, I will try to explain in detail how it works, but later. Today I’m tired, sorry…