Backing Up a Linux Blender Workstation

I have my Mandriva system configured just the way I need it to be. I had made backups before of my Mandriva system but I never used them. I want to back up all of my development software, graphics software, media, etc. and settings. The backup configuration tools default backup settings are for the /etc /root and /home. It seems to me that I need to add more dir selections for backup. But which ones? The /usr dir is just big enough to fit on a DVD disk. Will a backup of my /etc /root and /home saved files be enough to restore my current system setup?

As I’ll be switching all of my Blender media developments over from windows to linux I need a complete backup solution. I was wondering how some of you Linux using Blenderheads went about this. Thanks for your help.

here’s a question for you, say you wrote down all the software you had installed, wouldn’t that and the backup of your /home folder be sufficent to restore your current system?

if not: why? what have you been messing with outside of /home?

All the user based settings are retained in /home/user in .dirs.
System wide are kept in /etc

I really see no point in backing /usr. I presume you have installed all the software from rpm packages and just burning them onto CD will be sufficient.

if it works, promise you write me a pdf tutorial/walktrough for it …

I installed Mandriva then I used Easy Urmpi to update and install everything else. Some of my apps are compiled. I’m new to Linux but I thought that most of my apps that I installed with Urpmi or compile were stored in /usr.

For me it would be a waste of time to manually track down all of the rpms that I need. Does anyone do that anymore with Linux anyway?

Now that I have my system just the way that I like it, I just want to back it up. I want to be able to reinstall my my Linux system as it is now from a clean hardrive install.

Is a backup of /home enough to do this?

aah… so much tech jargon :]

There’s something that always comforts me when I realize I’m not a linux hacker, and that I can’t understand a particular linux problem and have to rely on help from ssh…

Well, urpmi has stored all the rpm’s it downloaded somewhere on the system in single directory.
You should burn all of them onto CD or DVD and later just upgrade your system with single command.

Maybe something like this

#cd /mnt/dvd/rpms
#rpm -Uvh *.rpm

You should really check documentation for urpmi since I never used mandrake and can’t help you with that.

As for source based install, it is best to use checkinstall to make rpm ( or tgz, deb ) packages to make rpm packages you can later uninstall with system tools instead of hunting them down all across your filesystem.

Keeping clean system is of umost importance…especially with rpm based distros…:slight_smile:

Well, I guess not everyone is up to the task of using such a great system as Linux.

Oh well…you can always download latest virus definitions.

each to his (let’s face it… it’s just “his”) own.

I ran linux for a while and it works great as a desktop, but it doesn’t fill my needs as a graphic/web designer. There are many apps that I need on windows that are not available on linux, and I’m happy with my choice. Wine is a great project, but it’s still in beta… or is it alpha… can’t remember.

OS elitism never helps anyone. Like I said, you have to use the right tool for the right job.

ok… no more off topic comments :]

I like the fact that I can ask kind “regular” type of folks like myself about OS system stuff. What do I get? I get more than enough useful info that has me up and running. Hey, there are enough places in line on the phones for those who want tech support via a service. I’m getting out of line just for them.

Anyway you folks are great. Thanks for the tips. Now I will assimilate this information. I will add your knowledge to my own collective of one of one. Or is that one of many… Too much Voyager DVD’s. Hehehe. Hey if you’re bound to geek down, geek on down with some of the best DVD’s. Linux is not really geeking down. Oh snap, I let the cat out of the bag. Linux is easy, oops, I did it again.

I was thinking that I could just ftp the complete contrib, main, update and …“what a crazy idea". Hehehe.

I can’t figure out how to get the command, urpmi --noclean to work for me in the graphical Urpmi configuration installer. Maybe I’m missing something… When I type the names of apps I don’t always know what plugins I need to add. At least in the Urpmi configuration menu I can see the related plugins, etc. that I want to install.

Is there some way to add the urpmi --noclean command as defalt to all of my software installations? I want to obviously save all of my favorite rpms in “/var/cache/urpmi/rpms” after I install them. So that where my rpms file went, Urpmi deleted them after the installation. Argghhhh!

Hehehe. On man, I can actually understand nature of my system for a change.

What apps do you use in Windows for your work? I formerly used fireworks, dreamweaver, etc. I’m rock solid with Blender, Wings and Gimp. I’m learning to use inkscape. Now I’m learning php and advanced css. Linux has all of the tools that I need for this now, I think. I just may switch back later on in some way. Hey, I like choices.

I don’t work with other develpers so my word is final as to what I allow people to see of my work. The only thing people have to know about now is whatever I render up and present. Nobody really cares what software you use to make content with.

I noticed that since I switched to linux I haven’t got one error message from Yafray. I miss Winamp. I can’t get Xmms to load Winamp streams. I worked in Knoppix just not in Mandriva yet . When I get more comfortable with Linux I may jump to Gentoo. I loved the Gentoo Livecd experience.

the biggest two are photoshop and illustrator. With photoshop, wine isn’t fast enough allow me to paint in real time - the position of the brushes update every few seconds. This could be a problem with the way I set up wine, but I really can’t afford time to tinker with the system.

The other biggie is illustrator. I do a lot of print work as well and I haven’t been able to install it.

some of the other apps I miss:

after effects
internet explorer (only use it to test my sites : ) - a bit buggy under wine
printer drivers - it’s been confirmed… my printer is not linux compatible…

I hand code with css so I don’t use dreamweaver that much. Most - modern - web developers only use the syntax highlighting/ftp/site management features, and I find that text editors are good enough for me. Fireworks is… not up to par with PS, and now with the macromedia buyout it’s pretty certainly dead. I hope as linux desktops become more mainstream there will be more software compatibility, but until that time comes… I’m back to windows. Ubuntu still rocks though… love apt-get :]

Yeah it seems like we windows users will not be free of it’s grip totally for some time to come. With the low prices of powerful PC’s today we can have at least two boxes running while we work. Windows is slower than Linux for server stuff in my case I’m moving on to a complete content management based web development operation. The tools for this type of work are already installed in Linux. Or I can get them as soon as I hear of them. I will jump for joy when I can write my own stable server side applications. Oh yeah, then add a dash of art and design where needed.

Blender is an amazing design tool for web developers. The AO rendering tools add life to any idea you can think of. And Yafray, wow. And running all this stuff in Linux is just great.

About Wine.
While it is some neat piece of work it is very alpha.
Some people thought it over and created product based off WIne and made it work with all popular software not available on Linux.
Crossover office will run probably everything, from M$ Office to Photoshop.

There is a $$$ price for Crossover, but if you need that much those tools maybe it is worth it.

I haven’t able to get Wine to work in any of my full Linux installs. I did the Urmpi thing for all of the packages. It just hangs when I run it. As I don’t really need any windows software while I work in Linux, so it’s not much of a concern. But it would be nice to get it working. Wine works fine in Knoppix for certain apps.