Backing up your DATA

After losing a coupl’a hours work on a bug, (not Blender), I have seriously considered backing stuff up on the Internet. I was just curious as to what everyone else does. So what do you do?

dropbox -->definitely a cool thing .
2 GB, free , you put all the stuff you want to upload in a folder and it automatically syncs it for you to a cloud.
you (and me) can also get another 250mb free if you reference my email (amdbcg at gmail dot com)
You also have a “public” folder where you can put websites and blend files you want to be linkable in emails and stuff.
it’s nice :smiley:

why does it have to be on the internet?

It’s free for starters.

But what I learnt, and advise to all is that you back-up at several sources. The internet can be one of these back-up sources.

I have cds, 2 harddrives & soon to be internet back-up.

Just be careful: If you have anything sensitive (e.g. the source to commercial closed-source software), do not put it in Dropbox.

^^or github for that matter :stuck_out_tongue:

I have seven external disk drives. Most of them 2Terabyte drives.
Online is not for me. :no:

Agree Bao2; it just can’t be secure.

I use dvd, br, usb sticks and spare HD.

First of all, save every 10 minutes, or when you make a really good change, or when you make an experimental change save as…

When I was working on a short (that never happened because of a lack of preproduction, but that’s for another thread :wink: ) I used to email myself files and burn a cd every so often. These days I have an external HD too so I would use that as well.

Server with a Raid 5 running samba, ftp and svn and additionally backups on external harddrives stored in a save place.

Own NAS wirth raid hhds.

Github has also private repositories for good reasons