Backlit filter/effect ?

Hello blender artists ! Does someone know is there a way to simulate a backlit in BGE, this is something too rare in games today, unlike the bloom effect --’

Do you mean a god Ray filter

Not really, I mean a filter that would darken objects if an intense light is behind them or darken an unlit room if the camera is watching at a very bright thing… Is this possible ?

There is a filter like that, lemme look for the big filter pack!

An HDR implementation?

If so, martinish (I believe?) provided an excellent example here in the resources section. It darkened the screen while the camera was looking at a bright light, and brightened the screen while looking at dark areas… if I am not usre, it is inside of this .blend. Find it, although there are very, very much filters! Or look for a similar scene .blend! There was .blend with that scene and a lot of filters, a lot!

Thanks a lot !!! That’s exactly what I was looking for ! I remember this vid but I’ve never noticed the link to the blend :smiley: