Backround concept for game /edit: link on 3d realisation /

It is concept for point and click adventure game backround I am workin on with few friends in spare time, It will be modelled and textured in Blender in future :slight_smile:

Pencil, scanner, tablet, Photoshop.

In matter of concept for modeling it is done, but I intend to continue in adding some details and better shading just for fun :slight_smile:

very good work! i like the sunlight,shadows and the mood in general,the only crit i have is that the point under the bridge looks to flat,you need to add some shadows and lights in that area.
Hope to see an updatet pic soon :smiley:

good work 8)

Great work, specially the coloring with lights and shadows exactly where they should be :slight_smile:

would be nice to have the game fully hand drawn backgrounds…


I am planning one hand drawn in future but Melerin (this game) should promote Blender in adventure developers underground, so I decided to have this one rendered :slight_smile:

Now you can comment 3D realisation of this concept art here:

Very good concept, but I don’t think it quite captures the level of detail you see in the Rendered version :expressionless:
…But that’s Ok, because the Rendered version is Great! :slight_smile: